KT20 digital, Homogenizer


• Super high speed (Up to 27,000 rpm).

• High fidelity FND display : Easy to read backlit LCD for display (digital model).

• High safety : Overheat-heat and current protection function prevent malfunction of motor.

• Convenient speed set knob : Easy to use speed set knob for quick and convenient selection of mixing speed.

• Safe & Fine compatibility in tools : Useful for all dispersing and homogenizing applications and realize fine homogenizing.


Model KT20 digital
Speed range 2,000 to 27,000 rpm (without load)
Maximum volume(H2o) 2,500ml
Motor rating(input/output) 400/300W
Speed control stepless
Display 3 Digit FND
Safety devices Over heat protector
Permissible temp & humidity 5℃~40℃ < 80%
Usable dispersing too ø8mm stator "KT1008", ø10mm stator "KT1010" ø18mm stator "KT1018", ø25mm stator "KT1025"
Material ABS & Aluminum stainless steel (#304)-tool
Extension arm size ø12.7 X L250mm
Power consumption 400W
Power supply 1 Phase, AC120V, 60Hz or AC230V, 50/60Hz


Model Description
KTR010 Standard Plate Stand, for Overhead Stirrer and Homogenizer, 25x37cm Plate, with Rod and Silicon Pad
KTHC010 Clamp for Overhead Stirrers and Homogenizers, up to Ø23mm Rod

Dispersing Tool for Homogenizer

Model Description
KT1008 Homogenizer Tool, Rotor Φ6.1, Stator Φ8, 1~50 ml
KT1010 Homogenizer Tool, Rotor Φ7.5, Stator Φ10, 1~100 ml
KT1018 Homogenizer Tool, Rotor Φ12.7, Stator Φ18, 10~1000 ml
KT1025 Homogenizer Tool, Rotor Φ17, Stator Φ25, 50~2500 ml